Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bitrogen?

Bitrogen is an altcoin exchange and a new model crowdfunding platform.

What kind of crowdfunding is it?

It is like funding work-in-progress projects. You make money while you’re developing your product. Let’s say you have an idea. You split it into several parts. You produce and share the first part as a free content and set the goal value for the next stage. Then, tell people about your project and Bitrogen page to get help fund it. If it reaches the goal, you are ready to share the second part and set the goal for the third part. If not, then it may mean that people do not like the idea very much. So, you can jump into another one.

Do you require proof of identity?

No. You can start trading immediatly. All we do is just to provide a cheaper way to exchange your coins and to fund your projects -which you already can do in decentralized platforms in an expensive way-. But if we start supporting native currencies in future, we will require you to share your proof of identity with us to be able to use fiat currencies while trading.

How can I prove my account ownership?

We don’t collect your IDs. Instead, we give you Virtual-IDs. You cannot trade without having a Virtual-ID. You can go to settings page to create one. It takes just a few seconds. Your Virtual-ID is kind a private-key. It proves your account ownership.

What is Virtual-ID?

The only way to prove Bitrogen account ownership. When you forget your password, you can use it to access your account again. Remember that you will also need to access your e-mails. If you lose your e-mail access, there is no way to get your account back. Please, store your Virtual-ID in a secure way. Also note that there is no information that is directly linked to your account in your Virtual-IDs.

What if someone steals my Virtual-ID?

Log in, go to the settings page and create a new Virtual-ID. Old one will be invalid. You need to protect your Virtual-ID in a safe place. Make sure that nobody can copy or see it.

What if I lose my Virtual-ID?

Create a new one. Old one will no longer be valid.

What if I forget my password and lose my Virtual-ID at the same time?

Unfortunately, there is no way to get your account back in this kind of situations. We are forcing this 2FA-like steps in order to make this platform the safest one. Please, be careful.

Do you support “two factor authentication”?

Yes. Your default 2FA option is “e-mails” which means your account is still protected even without Authenticator app. But, we highly suggest using Authenticator app! TOTP algorithm (RFC 6238) is much more safe than e-mail or SMS verifications. It generates time-based passphrases and doesn’t require any connection to the network. Also note that e-mails may be late sometimes. You can log in to your account in a faster way with Authenticator.

How much time does it take to deposit or withdraw?

It depends on the network of the assets. Note that Bitrogen requires at least 6 confirmations for deposits. Sometimes, it takes about an hour to get 6 confirmations but it may take longer in some circumstances. We pay reasonable fees for withdrawals to transfer your assets fastly but in some situations your withdrawal requests may wait for a while in pools due to too many unconfirmed transactions in the network. We do not have control over the networks.

Can I have multiple accounts?

No. This is not permitted. If our system detect multiple accounts, it will notify us and we’ll review and block them.

Can I have multiple Bitrogen pages?

Yes. But keep in mind that we require you to pay 0.0001 Bitcoins per page you create, in order to avoid spams. Your first Bitrogen page is totally free! Also, remember that you’d better have a Twitter account before creating your Bitrogen page.

What about referral program?

We share 50% of our commissions with those who help us reach more people. You can get your referral link in the settings page. Share it however and whereever you want to. You will be paid immediatly when your referral friends are trading. A simple scenario: if one of your referral friends gives his or her 1 BTC and takes 100 LTC, you will get 0.05 LTC. Only pairs with BTC (e.g. BTC/LTC, USD/BTC) are included in the referral program. Also, note that if you create another account with your own referral link in order to pay less trading fees, our system will block your accounts permanently. Bitrogen reserves the right to change terms and conditions of campaigns without a prior announcement.