Möf Selvi

I’ve been training myself on programming, game development and graphics technologies since I was 12. All I wanted to do is to make a single video game and now I ended up being one of those boring computer engineers who say “Programming is great!” everywhere.

I’m mostly into programing video games, creating game assets and motion capture (both facial and body mocap). Some of my other interests are graphics programming, cryptology, artificial intelligence and machine learning which I had the opportunity to study at university.

I can program in many seperate languages; from asm, C, C++, Lisp to Java, C#, PHP, Python, NodeJS etc. My favorites are C++ and Java. I’ve experienced MySQL, SQL Server and SQLite database servers/engines for years but MariaDB (kinda better version of MySQL) is now my favorite.

I am a self-taught programmer who loves to develop at back-end. Though, I educated myself in front-end development like web technologies; HTML, CSS, JQuery and mobile technologies as well. I don’t like front-end programming that much. Interestingly, this has been the business that made the most of the money I’ve ever earned. I built or improved countless websites for both companies and individuals. And that gave me the opportunity to get more experienced in dealing with big databases, handling money data types, information security etc.

Because I never had any chance to develop on a powerful computer in the past, I had to optimize almost everything. Optimizing graphics, logic codes, physics… When I realized what I develop even runs much better on other machines, I saw the big picture. I’m obsessed with optimization.

I like to design 2D and 3D models and animate them. I have been educated in 3D Studio Max at university but Blender is my favorite. I also love to play piano, synthesizer and midi keyboard and record some strange musics for games.

I founded Anatolian.Org to share my works. As an always-busy guy, I couldn’t finish most the works myself, so I decided to work with other developers. Now, all we want is a free digital store (as in “free speech”, not as in “free beer”) where we can market our products (especially games). This is why we started building Bitrogen.Com. Bitcoin and alternative coins can help developers market their products freely but they don’t use it because most of the customers still don’t use Bitcoin or altcoins for shopping. What if they also earn their money in Bitcoin? What if developers lower the prices just because they don’t need to pay the extra fees? A free, open, decentralized but useful, easy-to-understand, agoristic digital market would be good not only for us liberals but also for others, we think. Now we’re working on this project.